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Approve Request Workflow

To Approve a request, click the Approve button.  The system will prompt you to confirm the amount, assign the transaction to a budget (if you have not already done so), display the budget selected and to indicate how the request will be fulfilled, if applicable.

STEP 1:  Click the Approve button

STEP 2:  Enter details in first confirmation view (Example below).

STEP 3:  Enter or Confirmation Recipient Communication message

If you have saved default message in the profile / program, click the dropdown selector to choose the applicable message.

You will have an opportunity to perview the message.

If a change is needed, copy the desired text you wish to keep, then click the Back button.  In the prior view, deselect the default message, paste the desired text and edit the remainder of the approval.  Then proceed to the  next step.

At the bottom of the view, you will have an opportunity to enter any specific instructions that may apply to the approval.

When ready, click “Submit” to complete the Approval.

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