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Selecting Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for the profile / program are selected in the setup menu under Eligibility Criteria. The available selections include:

  • Geographic location of the Recipient Organization *
    • International
    • National
    • By Country
    • By State
    • By Zip Code
    • By distance in miles
  • Restrict to validated non-profits *
  • Classification of Request (Gift, Marketing Sponsorship, etc).
  • Restrictions on Use of Funds (Operating, Capital, Special Projects, etc.)
  • Maximum Requests per Year *
  • Type of Contribution (Cash, auction item, volunteer labor, etc.)
  • Event Preferences including setting a minimum number of attendees *
  • Maximum Amount Limits *
  • Limits on the number of requests per recipient organization *

* Requests that do not comply with the set criteria for the program will be auto-declined by the system or blocked from submitting.  For example, if a geographic restriction is set and the recipient organization is outside of the area selected, they will receive an on-screen message that indicates the location does not qualify for this program.

Selections for remaining items will limit the applicant’s choices to one of the items.  For example, Use of Funds.  If Operating and Special Project are selected, only those two uses will be available to the applicant.

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