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Business Admin User – Administration


There are two levels of biz admin access.  When creating a biz admin user, you may select the type of System Admin or System User.  Generally, the System Admin is restricted to the global admin(s) for the company.

Adding Biz Admin’s

If you have permission to add a biz admin, select “Users” in the main navigation bar, then Add User.  You will be prompted to enter the user’s information and set a temporary password.  Select the authorized program access from the list.  To multi-select, use Control key + Click.

Editing Biz Admin’s

To view & edit biz admin’s for your company, select “Users” in the main navigation bar, then Overview.  This will display a table of users that are authenticated and their access credentials.  To edit an admin user, click on the pencil icon.  Edit admin will allow changes to user access permissions and notifications along with password resets.

Setting Admin Permissions

Business Admin permissions allow you to restrict actions that may be performed by an admin.  Settings exist for editing the request, restricting approval amounts.

If custom workflow is being used, settings may be selected on a program / profile by program / profile basis to turn on/off capabilities and authorized statuses that use may manage.

To activate biz admin restrictions of custom workflows, first select the workflow that applies to the program / profile.  You will see the additional permissions after initially creating and saving the biz admin to be authorized.  To access the permissions, edit the admin user.

Admin Security

You may require business admin’s to change their password every 30 days by editing the applicable admin’s permissions.   

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