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Transaction Details

The request details as entered by the creator are displayed in this tab along with action buttons.

Left-side Action Buttons – General Purpose:  Printing, Email (forward the request), Edit, View the Recipient Details 

Right-side Action Buttons – Decisions:   Recommend, Approve, Defer, Decline

Tip:  Optionally, when additonal workflow steps are inserted into the review process, you may toggle-on an additional view displaying the workflow and current status  The view displays the approval process below the action buttons.  This may be turned on for specific admins on an admin by admin basis and is activated by the parent admin, by editing the child admin user’s permission.  Tick to turn on:  “Replace approval dropdown with workflow view.”

In the example below, two steps have been inserted:  Documentation Complete and Ethics Review.  Using this alternative advance is sequential as displayed in the view.  If the business admin is authorized for the respective step, they will have the ability to advance it to the next.

The Request Details tab also provides buttons and hotlinks to common tasks, including:

  • Changing the Status
  • Reassigning the Request to a different program / profile
  • Viewing the Recipient’s profile
  • Emailing the Recipient
  • Adding Internal Notes

If you have added questions using the Forms builder, the replies entered by the creator are visible on this tab.

TIPS:  In the upper area of the request, you will see the tracking number, the creator details followed by the recipient organization details.   

  • The middle area includes standard forms and event information.  
  • Responses to questions that have been added using the forms builder are located in the lower area.
  • To view the organization profile, click on the “view profile” button.  This will bring a pop-up view of their profile information.  Use the scroll bar along the right side of the pop-up box to scroll down to view their profile content.  Click the “x” in the top right-hand corner of the dialog box to close it or the “Close” button at the bottom to return to the request form. 
  • To view the organization or school page, click on the hotlink under their name & logo.  
  • This will bring you to their GIVINGtrax page, where you can view public information about their organization, mission and other donors.
  • Use “right mouse click” to open their page in a new tab.  Otherwise, you will need to click on the “back arrow” to return to the donation request.

Organization Profile:

Organization Page: 

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