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Dynamic Content & Data Blocks

Page Permissions

Page Permissions is located under Permissions in the vertical setup menu.   Page Permissions control the dynamic content blocks available to publish to your page and allow you to control how dynamic content is displayed.

The screenshot below provides an example of the available permissions.   These may include items that are not applicable to your implementation.   During the initial setup, items that don’t apply will be de-selected. 

Permissions are available for the following items:

Enable donation requests button 
Enable public access 
Make donations public 
Auto approve photos tagged with your profile for display 
Display total given 
Display donations count 
Display Total Thanks received 
Show Giving Partners 
Disable child / sister entity links at footer of your page
Show volunteer hours box 
Hide connect button  (Allows new employees to self-register & request access to programs)

Additionally, settings are available to select the default tab to display and which tabs to hide.

With respect to displaying employee volunteerism content, settings are available to select the hours display format and whether to display total employee volunteerism or the subset of hours that re matched.   

To view the most current options available, access Page Permissions.

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