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Budget Analysis

To access the status of budgets and identify any transactions not assigned to budgets, select Reports in the main menu, then select Budgets in the dropdown menu.

TIP:  To add a new budget for next year, edit your program / profile to access the set-up menu.  Then in the vertical sub-menu, select “Budget”. 

Like other reports, the budget reports have filtering by business program / profile along with year and custom start / end date.

The budgets report is organized with active budgets in the upper area.  To access expired or archived budgets, scroll down the view.    The table includes:

  • Budget Name
  • Profile / Program Name
  • Fiscal Year
  • Start / End Dates
  • Original Amount
  • Actual Used
  • Remaining Amount

The bottom of the table includes a tally for all items in the view.

The GREEN status bars are clickable allowing you see & export the data feeding the budget item.

Navigate:  Reports -> Budgets


Transactions missing Budget Assignment

The RED status bar at the top of the view alerts you to any transactions not assigned to a budget.  It is clickable allowing you to see the list of items not yet assigned.  In this view, you will notice a hotlink to assign a budget to the item.  

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