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Main Menu

The main menu is your primary navigation menu for day-to-day activities and includes:

  • House Icon – Opens home dashboard landing page.
  • Manage Requests (Viewing request queue, add monetary donations, grants, sponsorships, volunteer hours and in-kind donations items directly, view all history, search by recipient)
  • Page(s) allow access to view & if desired, edit your page content
  • Reports (Overview Reports, Exports, Corporate Budgets, Program Goal Meters & Caps)
  • Business Profile (Provides access to setup menu to add, modify, or archive desired programs.)
  • Users (If you are authorized to add additional biz admin users, this menu item will be visible).
  • Admin Settings (Allows you to set your personal login color scheme).
  • Viewing Filter (Allows you to filter to a desired location or program)

The following is an image of the Top and Main menu navigation bars:

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