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Color Scheme Settings

GivingTrax pages include a default color scheme.  To customize the Page color scheme and related applicant experience, access Settings in the lower part of the vertical setup menu.

Color scheme settings allow you to create a GivingTrax page and applicant experience that matches your company website and branding criteria.

Page color scheme settings override default colors.  In each section, an example displays what the setting alters.

Settings are available for the following items:  

  • Top Header (top bar – default color is blue)
  • Global Topography
  • Headings
  • Tabs
  • Widgets (Content Block Including Header / Border / Text)
  • Buttons

Profile / Program Settings:

Navigate -> Business Profile -> Select Profile/Program -> Scroll Down à Settings

Tip:  Please refer to the biz admin settings if you wish to change your logged-in dashboard view as an administrator.

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