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Managing & Updating Content

To view existing pages, select Pages on the Main Menu (house icon on left), then either choose the desired page or select Overview to view all pages.   In the Overview, you will notice two icons in each page box.  The camera opens the page to view.  The pencil is a quick link to access the page content editor, if your admin permissions are set to allow editing.

Pages include both static content and content that updates dynamically based on activity in the system.

Pages are created using an html and a front-end content editor.   If you are unfamiliar with html, changes may be made using the content editor.  It works much like a word document with buttons to click for fonts, bold, hotlinks, etc.

Navigate:  Pages -> Overview

This area will allow you to edit static content on your page.  You may also access your page editor using the setup menu.

TIP:  To make changes to the dynamic content that will display (or hide) on the page, access the setup submenu:

Navigate:  Business Profiles -> Select Desired Profile -> Scroll down to Permissions -> Select Page Settings

This area allows you to select from a number of options to manage content on your branded page.   Learn more about page settings.

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