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Setup Menu

The setup menu is accessed by selecting a Business Profile in the main navigation menu (house icon on left).    The setup menu is a vertical menu that provides access to configurable items, to add & update various programs, campaigns, and projects, set the eligibility criteria, create forms, create message templates, create electronic certificate templates, apply desired settings, permissions and branding. This menu also allows you to create a branded page and set desired sharing permissions.

The setup menu is organized by general content category and more specific sub-categories. The configurable setup includes:

  • Profile  / Program Creation 
  • Workflow Settings
  • Adding Employee Programs
  • Adding Disaster Response & Other Campaigns
  • Corporate Programs Including Grants & Sponsorships
  • Corporate Budgets
  • Branded Page Builder
  • Social Media API Setup
  • Permissions
  • Forms & Forms Templates
  • Adding Documents
  • Message Templates
  • Branding Settings
  • Cloning & Copying Data

This area is used to set up the initial programs and profiles in use.   Once the setup is complete, you will not need to access this area unless you wish to revise the setup  of  current program, add or clone a program or update budgets for a new fiscal year.

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