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Exporting Data &Transactions

Exporting Transactions

Transactions may be exported from Reports and other areas in the system.  The primary transaction export for all items is the Download button in the Request Table view.

Navigate:  Manage Requests -> View -> Click Download button

You will be prompted to select the desired fields to include in the export.

In the next view, choose the program / profile and status options desired.  Control + click allows the ability to select more than one item from each list.

Select Program / Profile and Status

Select Date Range / Options

Click the dropdown selector in the Date Range box to select from one of the standard choices.  To enter your own start / end date, select “Custom Range”, then use the visual calendar to select.

TIP:Click on “Custom Range” Button, then choose the start/end dates using the calendar.

Click Download button when you have completed the selections.  The volume of the data in the range will determine the export speed.    The file will download as a CSV file.

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