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To access the Page Builder, start from the main menu and navigate to the setup menu for the desired program / profile.

In the vertical setup menu, scroll down to the menu section to Create GivingTrax pages.   Select to access the page for this particular profile / program.

Page Content Builder:

The page builder uses a front-end content editor that is easy to use.   

The page upper area includes:

  • Page Name
  • Logo
  • Banner Image

Tip:  The page name creates an associated url address.   If you have embedded the page or links to the page on your company website, do not change the name.  Changing the name / url will break access from your website unless it is also updated with the new url.

Lower area content includes:

  • Overview
  • Community Impact
  • About Us

Optionally, you may also add content for:

  • Sustainability
  • Employee Matching Gifts Programs
  • Employee Volunteerism Programs

Each content block provides text formatting icons, similar to creating a Microsoft Word document.  Additionally, if you have html coding skills, there is a link to access the html editor.

Tip:  Special Instructions that you wish to post in a content block under the Request Button are entered in Eligibility Criteria.

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