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On multi-year transactions, there is an additional tab along the top of the transaction, labeled “Multi-year”.  Click the tab to access a summary of the related transactions in the multi-year commitment.

If you have upgraded a request to a multi-year, the multi-year tab will display.   Please refer to Multi-year Grants & Sponsorships located in the section “Processing Requests” for details on upgrading transactions to Multi-year.

The upper area provides a summary of the total commitment, what’s been funded so far and the outstanding amount remaining.

The lower content area lists the related transactions with an option to View (Magnifying Glass icon) or open to Edit (Pencil Icon).  Editing permissions apply.  If you are not allowed to edit, you will receive an on-screen message.

Tip:Multi-year transaction details will be visible in the Request Table -> Multi-year Tab

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