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All Form Fields

Add Questions to the Form

To add questions to a Form, select the “All Forms Fields” under Forms in the Vertical menu.  Click on +Add Field button to create a question in the desired form.  To edit, click the pencil icon.  To clone, click the double paper icon.  To delete, click the “x”.

At the top of the forms question builder is a dropdown menu to select the field type for question.  You may choose:

  • Text Field
  • Text Area (longer response)
  • Editor Text Area (for html capabilities in the reply)
  • Check Box
  • Dropdown selector
  • Status Text Display
  • Terms & Conditions Certification

Depending on the selection of the form type, the applicable forms builder content will display. 

The lower part of the forms builder will prompt to select the form into which the question is to be inserted and its weight.  The weight determines the order of the questions.  The publish / un-publish toggle allows the ability to turn questions on/off as needed.

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