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The steps to process requests will vary by Program / Profile based on the setup criteria and biz admin permissions.  You may have been authorized to manage the complete process or limited to 1-2 steps. Below is a general example.    

STEP 1:  To process transaction requests, open the request to view the content details.  Evaluate the request and add any internal review documents that may be required.

STEP 2:  Check Documentation.     If the request meets criteria and is likely to be approved, check the application to ensure documentation is complete.  Items such as the IRS Form W-9 are required for contributions above a specific amount.  If any item is missing, select the button to email the recipient organization.  They will receive an email request listing the items that are missing.

STEP 3:  Complete Compliance, Ethics Reviews.  Complete specific items that are required as part of your approval process.

STEP 4:  Add internal review documents as Attachments. 

STEP 5:  Biz Admin.  Add applicable biz admin content including the approved amount, budget assignment and select approval message.

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