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Auto Scoring Forms

To add applicant questionsthat are to be auto-scored, select Auto-Scoring under Forms in the Vertical setup menu.

Step 1:  To start, click +Add Question

Step 2: Create Auto-scored Questions

You will be prompted with a similar forms builder to build the applicable questions.

The difference in this case is with regard to the use of weighting.  Each question has a weight based on the priority of the question.  Each possible answer in response to the question also has a weight.  The total possible score for each question is:

Question Score = Question Weight x Highest Answer Weight 

The Maximum Possible Scorefor the series is the sum of the maximum possible score for each question. 


After the auto-scoring form is created, you will see a summary of the series of questions and the maximum possible score. 

In the example below there are five (5) questions with max scores ranging from 16 points to 50 points.  The calculated maximum score for the series of questions is 157.

To edit a question, click on the pencil icon.  To clone a question, click on the double paper and to delete a question, click on the “x”.

Step 3:  If desired, enter a desired range of acceptable scores by setting a minimum score and maximum score, and then set the Auto-scoring permission to block scores that are outside of the range. 

Tip:  When creating Auto-scored questions, it is best to avoid the use of responses that are numerical or otherwise indicate the answers’ relative score.     Creating objective questions and objective answer choices will provide a better indication of the relative fit. 

Example of an Objective Question:

Question:  Please enter the category that best describes how funds will be used.

Reply Choices:

      • Education

      • Animal Rescue

      • Disaster Response

      • Health & Welfare

    In this example, the applicant does not have insight into the scoring weight, nor may even recognize that it be an Auto-Scored question.

    Example of a Numerical Question:

    On a scale of 1 – 10, how well does this request fit our criteria?

    Reply Choices:

    1 through 10 <- Applicants will generally assume higher scores are better and will self-score high.

    Tip:  The Auto-scoring permission to block is located in the Vertical Setup menu under General Permissions.

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