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Requesting a Match for an Offline Donation

a). GivingTrax makes it easy to request a match, even if you have donated somewhere else. If your employer offers a donation matching program, you will see the Request Match button. To create a match request, follow these steps:

a) Click on the button: Request Match

b). The system will ask if you’ve made the donation by credit card in GivingTrax or elsewhere. Reply: No

c). Search for the Recipient Organization

d). Select the Recipient Organization

e). The system will return the Organization summary data.  Click: Save & Continue

f). Enter the donation date, amount donated & upload the receipt

g). The system will auto-calculate the matching amount based on the parameters set by your employer, the funds remaining in your annual cap, and the remaining funds available in program-related caps and global caps. Click: Complete Request

e) You will see a confirmation message in your dashboard view and, if you have email notifications turned on, you will receive an email notification with your employer’s confirmation message and the unique tracking number of the request.

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