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Dashboard Overview

The employee dashboard capabilities are managed by employers.   Some capabilities may not be visible, if they are not supported by your employer.  The following is a general overview of capabilities that are commonly implemented.

There are two menus in the employee view:

  • Top Menu (my profile, community wide search, project search)
  • Activity Menu (series of tabs in desktop view / hotlinks in mobile view)

Desktop Dashboard View:

Mobile Responsive Dashboard View: 

Upper area

Lower Area:

Dashboard capabilities include:

  • Making Donations
  • Requesting Matches (for donations made elsewhere)
  • Recording Volunteer Service Sours & Requesting Volunteer Matches   
  • Viewing Favorites (includes quick links for repeat actions)
  • Viewing Match Challenges (e.g. disaster response matches)
  • Viewing Donation History & Recurring Donations
  • Viewing Status of Prior Matching Requests

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