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Managing Recurring Donations:

GivingTrax allows you to donate one-time or donate automatically on monthly, quarterly or annual frequency. The option to choose one-time, monthly, quarterly or annual is presented on the payment view, when making donations in GivingTrax. To access and manage recurring donations,  follow these steps:

a). Click: “My Profile” in top menu 

b). Select: Subscription Info

The summary view displays the organizations that are setup on a recurring payment schedule along with the next date payment will take place. The summary also discloses the organizations that have setup banking to receive donations directly from you through the platform and those who have not yet setup banking.

C). To cancel, click the Cancel button to end all future payments to the respective cause. You may cancel anytime prior to the initiation of the recurring donation.

You will receive a receipt by email for each recurring donation as they take place.  You will also see the subsequent donations on the “my donations” tab in your dashboard.

Please Note:  Recurring donations do not auto-submit for a matching gift request.  To request a match, click on “My Donations”, then click the Request Match button.

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