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Viewing Request Status

How do I see the status of a request?

Viewing the Status of a Donation Request

Step 1:  Log into GivingTrax  

Step 2:  To view donation requests after they have been submitted, follow the instructions applicable to your account type.  Once you navigate to the request, the status will be displayed.   To open the request, click on the magnifying glass icon.

Organizations:  If you are an admin on an organization’s account, you will see a button on your home dashboard view to view donation requests.  Alternatively, click Donation Manager just to the right of the home icon.  Select “Overview”.   This will access a table displaying all the donation and sponsorship requests you have created and the status of each.     When the business member takes action on the request, you will receive an email notification.

Individuals:  If you created a request on behalf of an organization, you may check the status by logging into GivingTrax directly.  On your dashboard view, click on the “My Request” tab.

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