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Saving & Editing Donation Requests

How do I find a donation request I saved as a draft?

Saving & Editing Donation Requests

When creating a request, you will have the option to save a draft.

To save a donation request, scroll to the bottom of the view and click on the “save as draft” button.  

To resume editing, you will need to log in to GivingTrax to reach your dashboard view.  

You may do so at by choosing “login” in the very top right menu located at the top of your screen or by revisiting the business members’ page that you are submitting the request to and locating the login link in the upper right corner.  

– Visit, log in and you will land on your home dashboard, or

– Visit the business members’ page, locate the log-in link at the very top right of the page, and log in.  When you are redirected back to the business members’ page, choose the link to edit your nonprofit’s profile found in the topmost menu bar.

This will bring you to your home dashboard in GivingTrax.

Organization Admins:

To locate the saved request, click on “Donation Manager”, and then “Overview” in the dropdown menu next to the home icon on the main menu bar or click the red button.   

The draft request will be listed in the table.  In the first column are action icons.  The pencil icon allows you to open and edit the donation request.  If you do not see the pencil icon, click the magnifying glass icon to open the request, then click the edit button.

When you have completed the draft, click on the “submit” button to send the request to the business member.

If you do not see the draft, click on the lower edge of the table border and drag it lower on your screen.  You may also need to clear your filter if you use the search feature.  To clear the filter, click on the magnifying glass in the lower right-hand corner of the donation table, delete any text in the search box, and click the “reset” button.


If you have an individual account, you will see your profile picture when you log into GivingTrax.  Below your profile picture is a series of tabs.  Click on the “My Request” tab.   Next to the request you wish to edit, click the Magnifying glass icon to open the request.  At the top, you will see an edit button.

When you are ready to submit the request to the business member, scroll to the bottom of the view and click “Submit”.

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