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Required Items to Submit a Request

What’s needed to submit a donation request?

Required Items to Submit a Donation or Sponsorship Request

Nonprofits, and schools (and if allowed by the business, individuals) are able to submit donation requests through a web-based form that is accessible from the business members’ page.   Nonprofits and schools must then complete the 3 basic elements of creating a profile on GIVINGtrax.   Either follow steps 1,2,3 in the blocks at the top of your dashboard or click on “edit profile” from the home menu bar to access the entity profile menu.   The items to be completed are:

1.  Complete the additional content on the “Basic Information” tab

2.  Complete your giving profile, including the selections of your cause category (referred to as NTEE selections).  NTEE is the National Taxonomy of Exempt Organizations.  Information and a link to the detailed descriptions are provided.

3.  Complete your “microsite” which is your public page.

The online submission form along with these 3 items comprises your donation request.  The 3 items in your profile may be re-used for any request you submit.

These items are included as links to the donation request itself when received by the business member.

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