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Creating Requests

How do I create a request in GivingTrax?

Creating Requests for Donations, Grants & Sponsorships in GivingTrax

Step 1:  Navigate to the business members page that you are soliciting.  Most, but not all members list themselves in the Member Community.  To search, select Members, then Businesses.  If you were instructed to “go to GivingTrax” or to submit the request through GivingTrax and do not find the business in the community, then start from their website.  Many business members embed their GivingTrax page on their website or provide a link to it on their website.

Step 2:  Once you reach the business members page, please take a moment to review their criteria.  If your request qualifies, click the green navigation button or select the option in the dropdown menu, then click the green button.  Note: Grant & Sponsorship requests will generally require you to be employed by the organization and have claimed your organization. Most, but not all, consumer facing companies allow volunteers to make a request for in-kind items on behalf of the recipient organization.

Step 3:  If you are not already logged in, you will be directed to to create an account before proceeding.  If you already have an account, click on the hotlink to log in.  Then, you will be presented with the step-by-step application request form created by the specific business member. Do not email a request to GivingTrax support. It will not be processed. You must submit the request through the system.

If you are a volunteer, you may not “claim” an organization, however, you may still create and send a request in to many business members.  In the request form, you will have the ability to search and select the recipient organization.  

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