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Claiming an Organization

How do I claim my organization?

To claim an organization, you must either work for the organization or be an officer on the board of directors with signing authority on your bank account.  If you qualify, you may register as an organization and create your organization’s profile.  You will need these documents to do so:

1. Government-issued certification letter, such as the US 501(c)(3) determination letter

2.  Signed W-9 form or equivalent for your Country to verify the Tax ID number.

Additional items may be required to complete your profile.  Profiles are linked to requests in GivingTrax so it is recommended they be fully completed for larger requests, grants, and sponsorship requests.

If you receive a message that your organization is already claimed, contact the administrator to be added. Note: Some organizations are managed from the National office. If the organization has a placeholder admin, you will see a series of numbers at as the owner. In order to be added, you will need to send GivingTrax verification of your role at the organization along with supporting documentation.

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